The club at Harrogate

Harrogate Lau Gar is part of the British Kung Fu Association. We follow the syllabus as laid out by Master Yau and the BKFA. You can decide to become a member of the Club and start to earn your Sashes and who knows.. one day you could be a Black Sash!

The Harrogate Kung Fu club is a fun and friendly place to train. Most weeks you will have four high grade Black Sash teachers on hand to help you learn Lan Gar Kung Fu.

The grading system follows: White, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple, Brown and Black Sashes. Each grade requires the student learns a series of hand and kick techniques, a Form and some walking moves. As your abilities increase, then the requirement for each grading increases too.

The Martial Art is good for beginners who are looking for a challenge of the mind and body with the Syllabus helping to improve your coordination, flexibility and skill. Being strong or muscular is not really important to Kung Fu and is often a disadvantage.

We start each lesson warming up with a Traditional Chinese game called Jianze; its like a keepie-uppie game – great for coordination and great fun!

What do I need to start?

All you need is to be keen to learn! You just need to bring yourself, preferably dressed in comfortable loose-fitting clothes and some active footwear – low profile trainers / converse-style shoes are ideal.

Meet your Instructors

Nathan Beer

Nathan gave up skateboarding in his early twenties and decided to give Lau Gar Kung Fu a try. He is still trying now and intends to keep trying for a while yet.

Favourite Form?

Baat Ging Gung (much better phonetics)

Favourite Weapon?

Cheurn (spear)

Why did you learn Lau Gar?

Five Deadly Venoms before I started, then once I got there – Stuart Agars.

Carl Syres

Carl has been training in Lau Gar since 2001 he has taught students of all ages and abilities from as young as 5 years and upwards.

Favourite Form?

Fai Lung Gee.

Favourite Weapon?

Dau (Sword/knife)

Why did you learn Lau Gar?

I wanted to learn a martial art from a young age, but never found the right one until in my mid thirties when I met Nathan who invited me to try Lau Gar Kung Fu.

Jose Williamson

Jose initially joined the club with his Wife and Son and they looked for something they could do as a family.

Favourite Form?

Wu Dip Soeng Dou

Favourite Weapon?

Wu Dip Dou (Butterfly Knives)

Why did you learn Lau Gar?

The challenge. Every grade and every class brought with it new challenges that made me want to keep pushing forward.

Jim Chestnutt

Jim has been practising Lau Gar for longer than he’d care to remember.

Favourite Form?

Lau Gar Luk Hup Kuen

Favourite Weapon?

Joe’s Guan Dou. It’s so shiny.

Why did you learn Lau Gar?

Too many Shaw Brothers films as a teenager. Lau Gar seemed to have the perfect mix of empty-hand and weapons – and there always seems to be more to learn.


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